Andriy Hankevych

hankevychSupervisory Board Chairman @ Lviv IT-BPO Cluster

Andriy Hankevych – Lviv IT-BPO Cluster Supervisory Board Chairman, CTO Eleks, сo-founder Leopolis, Inc. Andriy is a graduate of Manhattan College with a degree in “Computer Engineering”. Hankevych has more than 30-years experience in the Global IT-industry, of which 15 were spent at various companies on “Wall Street”. In November 2001, Hankevych joined the founding team of Lohika Systems based in San Mateo and moved to Lviv to create a Ukrainian outsourced software development company named Lohika, which now is among the three largest outsourcing companies in Lviv. More than 600 professionals create software for eBay, Skype, HP, Cisco, Logitech etc. Every year Hankevych starts several new projects. These companies specialize in software engineering & consulting in various market spaces and specializations. At Eleks, Hankevych joined the Executive team to help structure, broaden and grow the companies scope and capabilities globally.