Dr. Jurij Paraszczak

paraszczakDistinguished Service Professor @ Carnegie Mellon University

Jurij Paraszczak is Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and responsible for creating an Urban Systems program at Carnegie Mellon.
Until December 2013, Jurij was Director of IBM Research Industry Solutions and the leader of the Research Smarter Cities program focusing on helping cities manage the complex set of demands placed on their infrastructure by their constituents and on the optimization of flows of energy, people and water through this infrastructure.
Jurij has over 55 publications in various areas of telecommunications, technology and systems and over 18 patents in a wide variety of fields including communications, plasma chemistry, microlithography, materials manipulation and chip fabrication, packaging systems, media delivery and characterization, Jurij has a broad experience to draw on to help span a wide variety of disciplines and to synthesize new approaches to old problems. He obtained his PhD and BSc from the University of Sheffield, UK