Nick Bilogorskiy

bilogorskiyPresident & CEO @ Nova Ukraine

Nick Bilogorskiy is the founder, President and CEO of Nova Ukraine, a San Francisco based non-profit charity organization, that focuses on helping Ukraine by fighting corruption, providing humanitarian aid and increasing awareness about Ukrainian culture in the US.

Nick is also a team member at EuromaidanPR, a public initiative that, in line with the spirit of Maidan, provides truthful, reliable and accurate information on developments in Ukraine.

Nick was on the founding team of Cyphort, a next-generation anti-malware startup that is securing enterprises against cyber-attacks and is currently leading the malware and security research there. He came to Cyphort from Facebook where he was the chief malware expert and a security spokesperson for the company, keeping 1 billion active users safe and secure. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computing science and philosophy from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada and a GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM) certification, as well as several patents in computer security.

Nick has been an angel investor since 2012, investing into 2-3 seed stage companies per year, focusing on two areas: social and security.