Val Babajov

babajovFounder and Managing Director @ Voivoda Ventures

Val is the Founder and Managing Director of Voivoda Ventures, an early-stage investment fund. Val is the only financier in Voivoda Ventures and funded it with proceeds from the exits of his software companies including Webmessenger. Voivoda has provided early stage funding to twenty companies since 2008 and has co-invested with some of the leading Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley. The fund has experienced impressive growth in the value of the portfolio companies and takes an active role in guiding them to their next critical milestone. Val currently sits on the board of 3 of these portfolio companies.During the last seven years Val has led five successful M&A deals. Val’s areas of interest include: B2B, Enterprise, Mobile, and Messaging software. Prior to founding Voivoda Ventures, Val spent more than twenty five years in California as a serial entrepreneur in the software industry. He started in his garage and self-financed several software companies. Val is also active member of five angel groups in California and EU.