Valery Krasovsky

krasovskyCOO & Co-founder @ Sigma Software

In 1998 Valery graduated from the National Aerospace University (Kharkov, Ukraine) in systems engineering.

Started his career in IT as a C++ programmer; worked on joint projects with Deutsche Telekom. Headed Sigma Software company since its inception in 2002. Under Valery`s leadership the company has grown from a small business with few Clients in Europe to a global provider of premium IT services for such companies like Volvo, AT&T, SAS, Fortum, Formpipe, Scania and other world-known brands.

In 2011 Valery headed the Working Group under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine aimed at Ukrainian IT education development. The Working Group has elaborated the document that foresaw cooperation strengthening between universities and IT business. The document was signed in 2011 by the Prime Minister of Ukraine and is currently being implemented.